Nourish your senses

Botanical Basics was born from a love of creating beautiful & nourishing meals packed with health benefits through the use of organic spices. With such variety that allows so much flavour to be added to every meal of every day, we wanted Botanical Basics to the brand that people know they can come to for high quality organic spices that are affordable and full of incredible benefits for YOUR health and well-being.

We source all our spices from around the world from areas where they thrive best. All our spices and blends are:

  • Created using certified organic ingredients

  • Hand mixed & packaged with love in Australia

  • Vegan friendly

  • Gluten free

  • Contain no artificial colours or flavours

  • Packaged in reusable packaging

  • Fair trade and sustainably sourced

Versatile and wholesome, whether they come from the bark, root, seed or fruit of a plant, organic spices are a must add to every meal.


Our Packaging

A conscious effort.

The impact we have on the environment is very important to us at Botanical Basics, so through every part of this journey we are finding ways in which we can limit our impact.

Our packaging was a big decision process to ensuring this vision. We wanted the packaging to be beautiful, the organic spices to be kept as fresh as possible, all whilst not being too harmful on our planet. This is when we found our beautiful high quality glass amber jars.

The dark amber protects the spices from light to ensure optimal freshness and the labels on each jar are easily removed so you can re-use the jars, limiting wastage.

We deliver each spice order in reusable packaging that has been made from recycled materials.

Every little action we can take to look after this beautiful planet of ours is worth it.